Book #3

Jon Bishop is about to become the soup-of-the-day. Shackled, caged and guarded, he must find a way out of the caves very soon, or die. The bad news? No human has ever escaped from the demon world. The good news? There is no good news.

The deep mystery and heart-rending terror of The Demon Conspiracy Series continues in Book 3, Devil’s Bite.

Reminder: The Demon Conspiracy Series is still the only teen novel series required by the American Security Administration to post a warning about potential negative psychological effects on the reader. READ WITH CAUTION.


What our readers say

“…I’m counting the days until the next book comes out! This is one series that keeps getting better…It may be listed as a read for young adults but it’s also for the young-at-heart!”


“I am very into this series! It is suspenseful, entertaining and a true page turner. Not only do I enjoy it, but many of my friends and my teen/young adult children love it as well. You will want to read the entire series and I can’t wait to read all of the books!”

Karol C

“…a ton of great action! I found myself…standing and pacing around while reading. Gemmill, you do a great job of painting the scene. With all the questions that have been still leave us hanging!”

Evelyn G

“Each book outdoes the last. This one was action packed and stressed me out in the best way! Once again my son and I are anxiously awaiting the release of the next one. If you haven’t taken the time to check out this series you are missing out!”


“This was the best of the three!!! I am looking forward to books 4 and 5. The fight scenes were amazingly captivating! Gemmill keeps getting better and better!”

Cre8tv Books

“The latest in a fantastic series. In my opinion, this is the best one yet!”