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The Demon Conspiracy

Book #1

When Kelly Bishop and her brothers move in with a really great foster family in northern Virginia, it seems their lives can finally be normal again.  That’s until they’re trapped deep within Pandora’s Cave.  In the cave they witness a sinister pact between a powerful businessman and the Demon world that promises to launch the greatest war in history.

The good news is the kids made a video of the entire event.

The bad news is the video is still in the demon-infested cave and nobody believes their story.

The Demon Conspiracy is loaded with heart-pounding terror, deep mystery, and unique characters.  It is the only teen novel series required to post a statement by the American Security Administration, warning about possible negative psychological effects on the reader.  Read with caution.


What our readers say

…a compelling portrait of darkness…

Mark SpencerDean, University of Arkansas at Monticello

Thrilling conspiracy theories from the mind of a mad man!

Molly G

I couldn’t put The Demon Conspiracy down!

Katie C


Clayton B

The next great series to take kids and their parents on a magical journey.

Shelley W

I would recommend this to anybody who loved goosebumps and are you afraid of the dark. It fits in the genre perfectly with its spooky bad guys.  I can’t wait to find out what happens to them next 🙂


I rarely say this about a book. Flawless. I was hooked from the first sentence.

Carol HovsepianDirector/Writer/Producer, LaMoog Productions

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