The Doomsday Shroud

Book #2

Trouble continues for Kelly and Travis Bishop. Their older brother, Jon, runs away to New York City, the nation embraces Majik Juice, and the American Security Administration makes house calls at two in the morning

The good news? An assassin thinks he can save humanity from injustice.

The bad news? Demons have discovered the perfect lure to get Kelly back into Pandora’s Cave.

The deep mystery and heart-pounding terror of The Demon Conspiracy Series continue, in Book 2, The Doomsday Shroud. Reminder:  The Demon Conspiracy Series is still the only teen novel series required by the American Security Administration to post a warning about potential negative psychological effects on the reader. Read with caution.


What our readers say

“Another fantastic book! I got so deeply into it I lost myself and thought I was there with them…my emotions started running away from me! I can’t wait for the next one!”

Genna Nowicki

“The Doomsday Shroud had me cheering in some parts and chewing off all my fingernails in others.”

Evelyn G

“Once again, Gemmill delights readers with the much anticipated sequel to The Demon Conspiracy, which gave me nightmares for days. I’ll be sure to continue reading his books during the DAY time. :)”


“My girls and I LOVED every minute!”

Dawn Mordica

“Once I started reading this book I could not put it down!!! It only took me 2 days to read this one, it would have only been one day if I had not stayed up till 3am and passed out! I felt sometimes that I was was there with them!!! Keep them coming Mr. Gemmill!!!”

Amazon Customer

“There are several interesting story lines that make me want to read more! The fascinating mix of real science, real places and real historical events with pure fantasy creates an exciting series of adventures! I recommend this book for high schoolers and older because of some of the graphic descriptions. Some middle-schoolers may be able to handle it but I wouldn’t have!”

Cre8tv Books