Meet the Author

Headshot of R. L. Gemmill

R. L. Gemmill is an author, husband, father of two, retired teacher and coach, former haunter of vacant houses, and wannabe world traveler with big plans to live in other places. After surviving 32 years in the high school classroom, R.L. Gemmill has turned his writing hobby into a career.

“I write the stories I wanted to read when I was a kid. I strive to keep people on edge, safely frightened, intrigued, puzzled, satisfied and completely immersed in the characters of my books.”

Starting with his first story at age 12, Gemmill has spent the last 40 years fine-tuning his craft, eventually publishing his first book, Doomsday, in 2015. There are now six completed books in the award-winning Doomsday series — described as “truly original” and “pure escapism” by his readers.